Alcohol Addiction

Recently I’ve been thinking to myself, is alcohol worth the affect it can have on peoples lives? The substance has torn my family apart and when I was home at the weekend I saw the full front of what it can cause. Just so you’re aware, I’m not the person this is about, I just witnessed it.

The past few months since I moved to university I’ve been down an awful lot knowing what goes on at home, three hours on train away, knowing I can’t do anything to cheer my mum and sister up and make things right. I’ve taken my anger out on the wrong people and because of this and lost the person I was closest to. I felt weak talking about my problems to others but you shouldn’t.

Alcohol doesn’t just affect the primary victims, it can cause secondary victims as well even if it’s not directly through alcohol consumption itself.

Ever since I was a little nipper I’ve been exposed to it one way or another and I always thought that alcohol was a good thing and its weird not to want to drink whenever you do something. But hearing my little sister say, “Why can’t I have a normal life like all of my friends?” really hit home for what its done, it changes people, maybe they’re more jolly for a few hours but what happens when it becomes an addiction? I honestly think more people are addicted to alcohol then they think and its scary. Alcohol causes so much aggression in people and one mistake whilst drunk and angry could change your life forever.

After hearing my sister say those words I’ve decided to really limit how often and how much I drink because I never want to be in a position where I’m addicted, and my family cannot be around me anymore. The past few days I’ve really hit rock bottom with my life and couldn’t feel any lower, to cheer myself up I bought a couple of Bulmers from the shop next door but when I got home I couldn’t drink them because yeah, it may make me forget my problems for a couple of hours but what about after that? Am I going to buy some more beer to make me forget about it? And then when I’ve drank them what happens?

I’m not saying I will never drink again because in limitations it can be a laugh, but this country really has a problem with alcohol consumption levels and I never want anyone I love to not be able to stand me because I drink too much. In a short period of time I’ve learned that there are better ways to channel problems, the past few weeks I’ve started eating healthier and doing exercise again and whilst it doesn’t solve my problems it has helped me change my focus instead of sitting inside the same four walls wanting to just forget about it. I just wish the person this is about had realised the drinking isn’t the answer.

Don’t let alcohol ruin what you have because me and my family have possibly been mentally scarred for life by it. The person who has possibly lost the family loves because of alcohol didn’t mean to become addicted and I’m definitely sure they didn’t mean to scare their family away but they have. Alcohol isn’t the answer to problems, if you’re ever down talk about it with people you know you can trust, don’t try drinking away any issues because you’ll lose the people you care about.

Author: Jon Mills

Thanks for visiting my page! I’m an 18 year old lad from Hull who is currently studying Sports Journalism at Liverpool John Moores University. I will be posting some of my uni work but also general opinion pieces about the goings on of everyday life. Feel free to comment on here or message me privately. Twitter - jonmills0204 Instagram - jonmills0204 Snapchat - jonmills99

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