Easter Holidays

I’ve got a fairly hectic Easter coming up. On Monday I’m heading back to Hull from Monday to Thursday to see the family for a bit.

I haven’t even told my mum I’m going to be home yet as she thinks I’m working so that will be nice when I’m home to see the surprise on her face.

I’m probably not going to do much whilst I’m in Hull, I’ll more than likely end up just sat at my grandmas watching daytime television. On Thursday I’ll be getting the train back to Liverpool as I’m working the Easter weekend from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, I’m so gutted that I’m missing the derby as I have never missed a derby game in Hull so it’s going to be weird getting the updates on my phone.

No one will be at my student accommodation since most of them are going home for Easter so I’ll probably just walk down to the docks after work just to relax and keep my head clear, there’s genuinely nowhere better to visit.

On Easter Monday, Rovers are playing Wigan at the DW Stadium so that should be good…oh and it’s my birthday!

I’ll finally be turning 19. I’m getting a lift back to Hull so it should be a late evening return, I’ll probably spend the full day with a hangover and I’ll just want to sleep when I get home, it certainly won’t be the most exciting birthday night.

Once again, I’ll probably spend the next couple of days chilling at my grandmas doing next to nothing. I might go out for a meal with family but apart from that it should be chilled.

I’m hoping to organise a few of the Hull Wyke lads to all meet up as we haven’t seen each other in over two years and it’s sad how we don’t really keep in touch so hopefully we should be able to have a laugh.

On the Thursday I’ll be returning to Liverpool as one of the lecturers, Tim, is sorting us media passes to the Premier League darts at the Echo Arena, what an experience that should be!

Friday morning will see me back on a train to Hull so I can spend as much time with family as possible, something I haven’t done as much as I could when I’ve previously been back for one reason or another. On the Saturday the Robins are playing Widnes at home, it’ll be my first time back at Craven Park since the opening night of the season, that seems like an age ago.

Finally, on the Sunday morning I’ll be on another train back to Liverpool to end the Easter holidays.

I imagine most students will save a bit of money not having to do anything whilst they’re home but all the train journeys are going to cost a fortune.

In a way I wish I could relax more whilst in Hull but I know that the busy schedule will be worth it in the long term and it’s just a sign of growing up and not having life easy anymore.

It should be fun!


Author: Jon Mills

Thanks for visiting my page! I’m an 18 year old lad from Hull who is currently studying Sports Journalism at Liverpool John Moores University. I will be posting some of my uni work but also general opinion pieces about the goings on of everyday life. Feel free to comment on here or message me privately. Twitter - jonmills0204 Instagram - jonmills0204 Snapchat - jonmills99

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