Just a quick update

Just so people know, I’ve recently changed my phone number so don’t try calling on the number ending 909.

I changed my number because I felt as though too many people who I’m not longer in contact with had it and it was a bit uncomfortable. Excluding family, I’ve handed my number to ten people, even two of them are work. Now that I feel as though my life is heading in a different direction to a few months ago I’m trying to get a fresh start and only be in contact with people who I actually know on a personal level.

The other night I spent a good three hours unfollowing and unfriending people on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and it actually was quite refreshing. I used to look down my news feed and think, ‘who the hell are they?’ but now it’s just the people I’m closest to.

If anyone wants my number if they message me I’ll more than likely give them it but I just didn’t want anyone and everyone having my number without me exactly knowing who, especially the cold calling companies, those people do my head in!

Author: Jon Mills

Thanks for visiting my page! I’m an 18 year old lad from Hull who is currently studying Sports Journalism at Liverpool John Moores University. I will be posting some of my uni work but also general opinion pieces about the goings on of everyday life. Feel free to comment on here or message me privately. Twitter - jonmills0204 Instagram - jonmills0204 Snapchat - jonmills99

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